Green Team

Mission Statement

As Jews and responsible world citizens, we at PSC are committed to fulfilling our Jewish obligation to Tikkun Olam, by acting on our tradition’s ethical and moral obligation to be stewards of our environment. We will put green principles into practice to the best our abilities and make PSC a leading example of environmental friendliness, consciousness, and justice in order to sustain the world l'dor vador, not only for this generation but for all future generations to come.

We will integrate green best practices in all aspects of:

- Our operations: recycling, composting, using green cleaning products, conserving resources (energy, water, paper, food).
- Our education: incorporating environmental issues in our religious school program and in our adult-education curriculum
- Our religious practices: including earth-themed traditions and liturgy, promote inter-denominational cooperation on green issues.

As stewards of our world, we are inspired by the teachings of our tradition: "it is not for us to complete the task but neither are we free to desist from it" (Pirkei Avot/Ethics of our Fathers). And so our work begins.


GreenFaith Audit Documents

PSC GreenFaith Stewardship Audit 10/6/13
PSC GreenFaith Spirit Audit 8/8/13
PSC GreenFaith Environmental Justice Audit 8/8/13
PSC GreenFaith Actions 10/6/13


The top 65 ways Israel is saving our planet


Green Tips

At the Office

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle paper, cardboard and newspapers
  • Set printer defaults to duplex
  • Recycle bottles, cans and glass
  • Recycle printer cartridges, electronics and batteries
  • Recycle organic materials
  • Bring your own coffee cup and water bottle
  • Use dishes and silverware, not disposable food ware
  • Try the Commute Alternative Program
  • Set up a carpool even a couple days a month
  • Ride the train even a few days a week
  • Walk, bike or take the bus
  • Carpool to off-site meetings
  • Conference call instead of traveling when possible
  • Drink Hetch Hetchy, not bottled water
  • Take the stairs, not the elevators
  • Use a power switch for all your electronics
  • Flip the switch when you leave (lights, computers, other electronics)
  • Ask for a hybrid from the motor pool
  • Help your office become a certified "Green Business"
  • Submit green ideas to the Green Team via the Green Portal
  • Be a green example

At Home

  • Replace household bulbs with compact fluorescent lights
  • Install timer systems on heat and air systems
  • Insulate with recycled denim
  • Have a home energy audit
  • Consider green power options
  • Compost your organic waste in bins available from RecycleWorks
  • Build green when constructing or re-modeling your home
  • Recycle books through used bookstores
  • Use cloth napkins and tablecloths
  • Use less hot water
  • Install a clothes line - air-dry your clothes

In the Garden

  • Plant a green space at home or in your community
  • Collect and re-use rainwater for irrigation
  • Install a drip irrigation system in your garden
  • Replace your lawn with groundcover to reduce water usage
  • Plant trees
  • Give trees to others to plant

At the Market

  • Take reusable grocery bags to the market
  • Buy local, eat local - shop at farmer's markets
  • Purchase EnergyStar appliances
  • Purchase products with high recycled content
  • Patronize Green Businesses in the Bay Area
  • Suggest that your local businesses consider green practices

Getting Around

  • Ride your bicycle or walk around your community
  • Drive a hybrid, electric, or bio-diesel vehicle (or scooter)
  • Maintain your car to improve gas mileage
  • Set up a carpool board in your community
  • Advocate for more bike lanes in your community

With your free time

  • Share your green efforts with your children, family and friends
  • Volunteer with reforestation projects
  • Donate household items for re-use
  • Advocate for green practices at work

And the most important one of all: Analyze and reduce your carbon footprint! 


Energy Upgrade California

Click on the following links to download the slides from the presentation at PSC:

Energy Upgrade California presentation 9/25/11
Energy Upgrade California recommendations 9/25/11



If you would like more information about the Green Team, please contact Sam Herzberg or Michael Hayat.