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The Torat Chaim (“Torah of Life”) project is PSC’s opportunity to write our own Torah as a community from which we will read and learn from for generations to come.

Torat Chaim is emblematic of our strength: PSC is celebrating our 50th year! We are experiencing rapid growth and engagement visible through our Kesher Greenberg Religious School, adult education classes, Shabbat and holiday services, young family programming, targeted community outreach and more. Through Torat Chaim we dedicate and commit to the education of our whole community: in learning, in making kosher the Olomouc (Czech) Torah, and now in writing our own Torah scroll. The first day of Kesher this year celebrated the writing of letters of the Olomouc Torah with our sofer, Rabbi Druin and Sofer on Site. Now, we expand that learning opportunity to our entire community.

We are fortunate that our day-to-day operational expenses for running PSC are covered by our annual, voluntary flexible commitment. This year, to fund our vision to build a further engaged community over the next 3-5 years, PSC launched a onetime Darchei Noam Campaign. Darchei Noam encompasses three critical paths: 1) Torah (the return home of the Czech Torah and the writing of our own Torah); 2) Community education and engagement; and 3) Clergy sustainability through housing. The goal of the Torat Chaim project is to raise $325,000 – one-third of the overall Darchei Noam $1 million dollar target.

Torah Dedication List

Writing our new Torah, even just one letter in our new scroll, fulfills the final 613th Mitzvah in our Jewish tradition. Perhaps more importantly, this is an opportunity to come together as a community to celebrate our first 50 years and write our next chapter of Peninsula Sinai. We hope you will join us for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Letter writing dates with our sofer, Rabbi Druin:

In order for this day to be successful as days past, we are going to need many volunteers! We are hoping that you will help us--making sure everyone has a wonderful experience, and walks away feeling even more connected to both PSC and the Torah than ever before! To sign up as a volunteer, click here.


What is the Torat Chaim Project?

  • Torat Chaim is the name of PSC’s project to write our own Torah.
  • The journey of the Torah, Torat Chaim (the Torah of Life), was kicked off by the return home of the Czech Torah and will be completed as we write our own Torah, here, at our home, PSC.
  • The goal of the Torat Chaim project is to raise $325,000 - one-third of the overall Darchei Noam $1 million dollar target.

What is the Darchei Noam Campaign?

  • This year PSC launched a one-time Darchei Noam Campaign to fund our vision to build an even more engaged community over the next 3-5 years.
  • Darchei Noam encompasses three critical paths: (1) Torah; (2) Community education and engagement; (3) Clergy sustainability through housing.
  • The Darchei Noam campaign’s goal is to raise $1 million dollars.

How does Darchei Noam and Torat Chaim relate to our Flexible Commitment Model? (aka, “I thought you were only going to ask us for money once a year, so why the additional ask?”)

  • The flexible commitment model covers PSC’s operating expenses. These are the day to day costs associated with running a synagogue. To support our annual, budgeted expenses, we make only one ask a year, which is completely voluntary and flexible to allow you to contribute in a way that is most meaningful and appropriate for you and your family.
  • Because the Darchei Noam Campaign is a growth campaign to fund our vision, funds that support items that are not a part of our annual budget, we are hoping that members of our community will choose to opt in to help support our vision. Torat Chaim is one vehicle for raising the needed funds for the Darchei Noam campaign.

Why are we writing a new Torah (aka, “Aren’t two Torahs enough?”)?

  • While there are several times during the Jewish year when having a third Torah is helpful (e.g., on Simchat Torah when we read three different readings from different places in the Torah), there is nothing quite like the community building experience that takes place when we write a Torah together. Why? Because everyone can participate. And while we hope that you will contribute what you can to help with this project, there is absolutely no cost to write a letter in the Torah. That’s right. Writing in the Torah with family and friends is completely free. We hope that once you experience the magic of filling in that letter of our sacred tradition, that you will be moved to support Peninsula Sinai on our journey.

Can we afford to write a Torah? Can we really raise $325,000?

  • The total cost of restoring the Czech Torah scroll and writing our new Torah is approximately $100,000 (roughly $25,000 to restore the Olomouc scroll and about $75,000 to write the new one). We raised nearly all of the funds to restore the Czech scroll through outside funding (including crowdfunding through Go Fund Me). We believe that through the support of Peninsula Sinai and by sharing this unique experience with the broader North Peninsula Community (e.g., Wornick and the PJCC), we will be able to meet our goal. Want to host a private event in your home with friends? Just let us know. We’d be delighted to help make that happen.

So how does the Torah writing thing work? What can I choose to dedicate? How much will each option cost? Can more than one person dedicate a given entry?

  • In the coming weeks, we will send out (electronically and via mail) information for how to sign up to come and sit with the Sofer (scribe). You’ll have a chance to choose a time slot that works best for you to have your personal experience of writing a letter in the Torah. Additionally, we will share different opportunities for you to dedicate a particular section of the Torah (e.g., your Bar/Bat Mitzvah portion, the Shema, the 10 Commandments, the first letter and last letter of the Torah, even the entire Torah itself). Each passage will have a cost associated with it. Want to dedicate a passage but can’t find it on the list? No problem. Just let us know.

What does Torat Chaim mean? What about Darchei Noam?

  • Torat Chaim means “Torah of Life”
  • Darchei Noam means “Paths of Pleasantness.” It’s inspired by the Hebrew word derech, the personal path that drives our vision at PSC and inspires us to find beautiful ways to help each and every person find his or her path to experiencing a meaningful, Jewish life. If you want to know where it comes from, try singing that Etz Chaim song that we sing when we return the Torah to the ark at the end of the Torah service on Shabbat. And did we mention that by writing a Torah we get to finish the 613th and final mitzvah in Jewish tradition?

When will we be actually writing the new Torah?

  • The scroll has already been started! We will have the awesome opportunity to help the sofer fill in a letter over the next ten months.
  • Each person individually, or together with their family, can come up and spend some personal time with the sofer not only filling in the letter, but understanding the personal connection between your story and the letter that you are scribing. It’s truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t miss out!

Can my children write in the Torah? What about people of other faiths and other communities?

  • Yes. The whole community is invited to write in the Torah, even people of different faiths (this includes our interfaith families) can write in the Torah. And if you want to learn more about how Torah scrolls are written, what happens if you make a mistake, and more, please join us for one of our letter fill in days. You can find all of the details at
Download this file (PS Torah Medium Dedication List v5.pdf)Torah Dedication List[ ]