Hello B’nei Mitzvah 2018-2019 Families,

You are now all parents of 7th graders, welcome! It is SO exciting to be able to partner together to prepare your families for B’nei Mitzvah at PSC. This year, we are hoping to do things a bit differently to make sure that we reach our goals:

  1. Bring together the different families all involved in B’nei Mitzvah for 2018-2019
  2. Make sure your student is exceptionally prepared for this milestone in their Jewish journey
  3. Capture the importance behind this year of life, rather than just the one day
  4. Bring families into the learning and not just leave it all to our teens

What remains the same:

  1. All students entering the year of B’nei Mitzvah must be enrolled in Kesher (PSC Greenberg Religious School program) and attend on the scheduled Wednesdays from 4:00-6:00 pm: Register HERE
  2. All students meet with Cantor Doron for prayer learning, trope, Haftarah and Torah readings
  3. All students meet with either Rabbi Helfand or Rabbi Schatz to prepare for their “drash” whether traditionally written or expressed in some creative form
  4. Students are expected to attend Shabbat and Holiday services in preparation to experience what “the day” will be like
  5. Families must attend the B’nei Mitzvah Shabbaton weekend activities Friday night – Saturday afternoon November 16-17

What is now included:

  1. Kesher for students will only be 3 times a month on Wednesdays from 4:00-6:00 pm learning with our clergy
  2. The other Wednesday of the month (with 2 exceptions) will be family learning on different topics pertaining to this year of B’nei Mitzvah from 6:30-8:00 pm at PSC
  3. All students must attend Kesher Shabbat and will be asked to help Cantor Doron with leading different parts of the service for our community (as they become ready and knowledgeable to do so)
    • Kesher Shabbat is a once a month experience for our whole Kesher program to come together and participate in celebrating Shabbat through learning, attending services and other experiential opportunities.
    • Kesher Shabbat dates:
      October 13
      November 3
      December 8
      February 2
      March 9
      April 20
      May 18

The dates for this B’nei Mitzvah Program are:

    1. October 3
    2. November 7
    3. December 6 (Thursday)
    4. January 9
    5. February 6
    6. March 6
    7. April 10
    8. May 17 (Friday) Closing Shabbat Dinner 6:00-7:30 pm

Please let Rabbi Schatz know if you have any questions or comments. Looking forward to learning together and working together through this wonderful journey!

Rabbi Schatz
Assistant Rabbi and Education Director