Shabbat Services with Stanford Scholar Louis Newman

Shabbat morning services, December 9

Join us next Shabbat morning where we will welcome Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Director of Undergraduate Advising and Research at Stanford University, Louis Newman beginning with a sermon talk during services: "A Path Out of the Pit?" - In this week's Torah portion, Joseph's brothers throw him in a pit, leave him to die, and then lie about it to their father. Is teshuvah possible for such crimes? What would it mean for them to repent for their terrible deeds?

We'll continue learning over lunch and discuss "Overcoming Obstacles to Teshuvah" - Deep down, all of us want to do better, to be better. And all of us find it difficult to change. What are the obstacles that get in our way? And what can we do to overcome them?

Learn more about Louis Newman and his work here.