Dear Peninsula Sinai Community,

Among the great blessings of our community is the leadership and dedication of Rabbi Marv Goodman, who served our community proudly and with tremendous kavod, honor, for 19 years as our spiritual leader. Since serving as our rabbi, Rabbi Goodman has served as the Executive Director of the Board of Rabbis as well as our Rabbi Emeritus. Earlier this year, Rabbi Goodman officially announced his retirement from the Board of Rabbis after nearly 10 years of service.

In honor of his upcoming birthday on July 20 and in celebration of his retirement, Rabbi Goodman has invited Peninsula Sinai to recognize his commitment to our community and beyond by making a difference through Hesed (acts of kindness) and Tikkun Olam (working to repair our broken world). 

Rabbi Goodman has been volunteering to help the Yezidis since 2015. The Yezidis are a unique people with a unique religion. Yezidis lived side by side with Jews in ancient Persia and modern Iraq and, presently, they are facing genocide at the hands of ISIS. Rabbi Goodman recently shared, "My motivation to help them increased over the last two years and in particular, during my recent trip to Greece in April with the NGO IsraAID, where I met with some Yezidi refugees. During our trip to Greece, I was part of a delegation of Rabbis and Muslim leaders who traveled to Greece to meet refugees face to face and learn about the work of IsraAID and its partners. I was deeply touched by the refugees, the aid workers and the stories I heard from them. They are doing their part to change our world and I feel compelled to help them as well as the millions of refugees in our world."

On Tuesday night, August 29, there will be a Gala and Dessert Reception at Peninsula Sinai, honoring Rabbi Goodman and two other community leaders for their work in support of and advocating for the Yezidis. In recognition of Rabbi Goodman's retirement and his upcoming birthday (July 20th), he has set a goal of raising $10,000, to help fund the Board of Rabbis Beyond Yezidi Genocide Campaign and the work IsraAID is doing with the Yezidi people.

Here are a few ways that you can honor Rabbi Goodman as well as support the Beyond Genocide Campaign on behalf of the Yezidi Community:

  1. Purchase a ticket and make a donation to the Board of Rabbis Dessert Gala honoring Rabbi Goodman and two other interfaith colleagues. The focus of the event is to raise funds and awareness about our community's Beyond Yezidi Genocide Campaign. Click here for details and to purchase your ticket
  2. AND/OR donate to IsraAID at in honor of Rabbi Goodman's birthday and his being honored by our community.

Additionally, you can read more about Rabbi Goodman's recent trip to Greece by clicking on this link ( and learn more about the important work of IsraAID by clicking here: and understand what IsraAID does at these two links: Island of Tears and IsraAID at a Glance

On behalf of Rabbi Goodman, Peninsula Sinai, and the broader Jewish community, please join me in celebrating and honoring our Rabbi Emeritus through both words and action. Rabbi Goodman writes, "As I retire, I'm being honored by our Jewish community, but being honored this time is not just about me! In fact, when I was asked if I would be honored, I said yes, only if my being honored would raise money in support of others, for the Yezidi people, for those in our world who are most in need. Thank you for joining me in this important work and for your continued support."

Mazal Tov to Rabbi Goodman and Kol Hakavod on your amazing leadership and acts of hesed.


Rabbi Corey Helfand