PSC Committees

PSC is fortunate to have many talented members who contribute to the management of the Synagogue. Here are some of the most active committees.  Click on the link for more details about each committee.

 Adult Education Committee   Kitchen Committee 
 Building Committee  Membership Committee
 Budget Committee  Outreach Committee
 Building Committee  Peninsula Sinai Men's Club
 Bylaws Committee  Peninsula Sinai Women
 Chai Society  PSC Gala Committee
 Education Committee  Religious Practices Committee
 Family Programming Committee  Security Committee
 Finance Committee  Technology Committee
 Green Team  Tikkun Olam Committee
 Hesed v'Tzedek Committee  Ways and Means Committee
 Israel Committee  

Adult Education Committee

Purpose: To build up PSC’s programs in adult education.

Contact: Rabbi Helfand

Staffing Status: Needs members

Budget Committee

Purpose: Planning, budgeting, and monitoring of PSC Finances.  Includes the Treasurer, the Chair of the Finance Committee, and possibly others as appointed by the President.   

The committee is convened in January to prepare next year’s budget.  The budget needs to include input from all committee chairs, the Rabbi, the Cantor/Educator, the President, and any other member who wants to propose a project to PSC.  The budget needs to be approved by the Board and by the Congregation to become final.

The committee reports to the Exec through the Treasurer and to the Board via an appointed Board Member.

Building Committee

Purpose: To maintain PSC grounds and buildings in good repair, to solve problems related to our physical plant and equipment, to improve buildings as needed, to create revenue for PSC using the above assets, to manage tenants, and to effectively manage the building fund.

The Committee reports to the Exec through the Treasurer and to the Board through an appointed Board Member.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Redecorated the Sanctuary
  • Remodeled the office space
  • Tiled the floor of the social hall
  • Fixed water leaks in windows, courtyard, and roof
  • Landscaped the grounds
  • Maintained building

Contact: Rick Mayerson

Staffing Status: Needs members

Bylaws Committee

Purpose:To maintain the relevance and currency of the Bylaws of PSC by proposing changes to the Board and the Congregation for approval.

Reports to the President.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Updated sections of the Bylaws pertaining to the membership in the Finance Committee and to membership in PSC.

Contact: Mike Nissim

Staffing Status: Needs members

Chai Society

The Chai Society is comprised of families and individuals whose contribution to the Ner Tamid campaign equals or exceeds $1,800. These contributions play a vital role in funding PSC's General Account. The Chai Society is a very important part of the PSC fabric and we are working to nurture and grow this special group.  Each year there is a special event to honor the Chai Society.  There are currently 20 members in the Chai Society.

This is not a Committee with delineated responsibilities, however their input is requested when PSC faces major decisions.

Education Committee

Purpose: To help the Education Director with curriculum definition for the Religious School, staffing, and promotion for Education Programs at PSC.  

The committee reports to the Exec via the Rabbi and to the Board via an appointed Board member.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Received accolades from USCJ
  • Increased student registrations
  • Revised curriculum

Contact: Marla Soffer

Family Programming Committee

Purpose: To engage children of all ages, from birth to well past B'nai Mitzvah and their families. Monthly Shabbat services geared toward each age group, holiday celebrations, mitzvah projects, family education, social programming, and family chavurot are some of the many ways to grow, learn, and celebrate Judaism with your family.

Reports to the Exec through the Secretary and to the Board via the appointed Board member.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Organized community-wide dinner in the Sukkah
  • Started new Shabbat family service geared towards school-age children and families
  • Special programming for young families
  • Maintained contact with interested families

Contact: Irene Moff

Finance Committee

Purpose: To enforce the accounting and financial management practices.  To ensure that dues are fairly apportioned to families in need of financial assistance.  To monitor that PSC stays within budget and solvent.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Prepared next year’s Budget
  • Dues adjustment

Contact: David Hamaoui

Staffing Status: Needs members

Green Team

Purpose: To put Green principles into practice and make PSC a leading example of environmental friendliness, consciousness, and justice in order to sustain the world l’dor vador (across generations).

Reports to the Exec via the Treasurer and to the Board via the appointed Board Member.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Green Faith Audit
  • Green Programming and Activities
  • Lighting upgrades
  • Composting program

Contact: Adam Teitelbaum

Hesed v'Tzedek Committee

Purpose: The Hesed v’Tzedek committee is a team of PSC community members dedicated to providing “loving kindness and justice” to our congregation. This committee provides support to fellow congregants in their times of need, such as an illness, a new baby, or a death in the family.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Provided food and support to several families.

Contact: June Bell and Ann Steirman

Israel Committee

Purpose: To establish a cultural link with the land of Israel.

Recent Accomplishments: (not started yet)

Contact: Rabbi Helfand

Staffing Status: Needs members

Kitchen Committee

Purpose: To maintain the functionality of the kitchen.  To ensure that PSC traditions and kashrut are observed in its operation.  To enable the preparation of meals for synagogue functions.  To make it possible for members to learn about Jewish cooking.  

The committee reports to the Rabbi.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Maintained supplies to enable ongoing operation

Contact: Lisa Reitman

Staffing Status: Needs members

Membership Committee

Purpose: To ensure member satisfaction and engagement.  To attract new members to our community.  To act as a champion for membership causes and to address issues as needed.  

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Growth from 200 to 257 member units in 3 years
  • New member event in the Fall
  • Promotions for young couples

Contact: Adrienne Abrams

Staffing Status: Needs members

Outreach Committee

Purpose: To promote PSC and PSC programs in a consistent and effective manner.  To be the keeper of the PSC brand.

Reports to the Exec via the Rabbi and the President.  Reports to the Board through the appointed Board member.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Helped committee chairs craft their communications

Contact: Mike Nissim

Staffing Status: Needs members

Peninsula Sinai Men's Club

Purpose: To add value to PSC by initiating Jewish activities, providing education opportunities, supporting PSC youth in Jewish religious/cultural activities, helping with fundraising, and cultivating camaraderie among PSC men.

Reports to the Exec via the second VP and to the Board via the committee’s own representative to the Board.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Held latke festivals
  • Painted the Trellis and planted Trumpet Vines
  • Fundraising support
  • Planted landscaping around PSC

Contact: Bob Kiss

Peninsula Sinai Women

Purpose: To make Judaism meaningful, to further Jewish education for women as well as support a full program of Jewish education for children and young adults. Promote the ideals of Conservative Judaism by stressing ethical and religious practices in daily living and the observance. Develop the personal growth of each of our members and promote friendship through programs that are religious, educational, cultural, civic, social and recreational. Advocate responsibility for and involvement in community, national and world affairs. Help PSC in fundraising.

Reports to the Exec via the second VP and to the Board via the committee’s own representative to the Board.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Ran PSC’s Judaica Store
  • Contributed in fundraising for PSC

Contact: Lisa Reitman

PSC Gala Committee

Purpose: To organize the annual spring “Wine and Cheese” fundraiser and meet the budgeted fundraising requirement, ensuring that this is an enjoyable occasion for our community.

This committee reports to Ways and Means and to the President.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Doubled last year’s net income from the event in 2014
  • Honored key members and made it a fun event for all attendees

Contact: Peter Storm

Staffing Status: Needs members

Religious Practices Committee

Purpose: Support the planning and execution of High Holiday services. Create clarity and transparency around community standards and expectations as they pertain to Jewish ritual. Address issues or questions that emerge around community standards and expectations as they pertain to Jewish ritual, to ensure that there is consistency in the treatment of congregants across similar issues.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Ran High Holydays 
  • Upgraded Machzorim

Contact: Linda Kiss

Security Committee

Purpose: To work with local authorities to keep PSC safe.  

Reports to the Exec via the Second VP and to the board via the appointed member of the Board.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Upgraded the security system
  • Maintained safety during events throughout the year

Technology Committee

Purpose: To maintain the technology infrastructure for PSC.  This includes: Website care and upkeep, and all computer/communications infrastructure.  A near term focus is to migrate all congregant information to a new master record system (ShulSuite.)

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Conducted PC audit
  • Selected ShulSuite as PSC’s next membership management system
  • High Holiday online registration

Contact: Marty Izenson

Staffing Status: Needs members

Tikkun Olam Committee

Purpose: To engage PSC members in activities that meaningfully provide social justice.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Organized Tikkun Olam Shabbat
  • Developed partnerships with Second Harvest Food Bank and InnVision Shelter Network
  • Involvement with Peninsula Multifaith Coalition

Contact: Rabbi Helfand

Staffing Status: Needs members

Ways and Means Committee

Purpose: To ensure PSC’s fundraising meets or exceeds PSC’s budgeted financial needs.  To raise funds for PSC via various fundraising activities during the year, either directly or by empowering/supporting other fundraising committees  

The committee reports to the Exec and to the Board through the first Vice President.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Conducted the Ner Tamid campaign of 2013
  • Obtained 64% of all congregants participation in the Ner Tamid campaign

Contact: Ron Mester

Staffing Status: Needs members