Kesher Shabbat

We are launching the beginning of a wonderful project called Kesher Shabbat. This monthly Shabbat experience will combine our Kesher: The PSC Greenberg Religious School and Shabbat communities to join together in prayer, learning and relationship building.

This is new for both our Kesher program and Shabbat community and we are sure that there will be many questions and excitements around this new idea.

The main goal for this program is for our students to experience Shabbat and learning within the larger community especially in services and through the lens of Shabbat, and for the larger community to involve themselves in the learning, growing and modeling of Shabbat.

Kesher Shabbat FAQ's for the whole community:

How will the students participate in services with the whole community?
Throughout the morning, our students will join in services, different grades at different times, and have rows dedicated to them so as not to disturb those already in the service. Please enjoy listening to their voices, helping them find their way if they are lost, and engaging them in the beauty of services.

As a community member, what is my role on Kesher Shabbat?
We are looking to the entire community to be part of the educational and religious moments for our Kesher students and families. We hope you will be welcoming, help people find a seat, speak with people you do not know in line for kiddush and eat with them, show true excitement that we have so many students and families here for Shabbat, help those around you find their page if they are lost, introduce them to your friends and be patient with moments of transition as this is our first Kesher Shabbat experience. We love this community, feel the warmth and welcoming nature in every event and know this will be no different!

What can I wear, or not wear?
One of the main reasons for implementing Kesher Shabbat is for our families to feel welcome and included in our Shabbat experience through prayer, relationship and learning. Therefore, we are asking that our students and their parents show up in whatever they are wearing if it means they can be involved and engaged for as much of Shabbat as possible. So you will see a lot of sports uniforms, some dance leotards, some yoga outfits, etc. We ask that every male and every female who wishes, or who approaches the bima, wear a kippah. Though hats may be worn in the classroom, kippot must be worn in the sanctuary as a sign of differentiation in prayer and respect for the moment.

Shabbat has limitations. How will my students learn and feel comfortable in a "school program" on Shabbat?
Our students will have a schedule similar to their Sunday Kesher schedule where there are moments of prayer, moments of in-class learning, moments of outside informal time, moments of snack, etc. Our Kesher teachers will be using class time to continue with their objectives and goals through Shabbat-friendly activities and projects. There will be no gluing, markers, crayons, writing, electronics, painting, etc. However, there will be much creativity and learning and the utmost application of Shabbat understanding through experience!

As a parent in Kesher, what is my role on Kesher Shabbat?
We are excited that Kesher Shabbat means including our parents in the learning alongside our students! There are multiple opportunities on a Kesher Shabbat for learning and praying. From 9:30-10:15 am there will be adult learning with Rabbi Schatz and from 10:30-11:00 am parents may join us for mini-Minyan for our 1st-4th graders in the entire PSC community. Lastly, we hope our families will join us for a wonderful Shabbat lunch in the social hall at 12 pm, joining with the rest of the community.

Kesher Shabbat is a change to our lives, is there flexibility?
We want, more than anything, for our entire PSC community, Kesher included, to enjoy praying and learning together. Kesher Shabbat is a big step in making sure we foster these relationships at least once a month. There will not be Kesher the Sunday following Kesher Shabbat, so we do expect that students are in class on Shabbat as their "weekend Kesher experience."

If a student must leave for a game, for a rehearsal, for a class elsewhere, etc., we want the students to show up for as long as they can and leave only when they have to. We hope you will join us as well for that amount of time, and longer if you are able when your student leaves!

In terms of Shabbat observances, we expect that no one has electronics, is on their phones, playing games, writing, coloring or bringing anything that is not Shabbat friendly. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to write Rabbi Schatz. We want the Shabbat atmosphere to permeate through the halls, into the classrooms and especially in the sanctuary so we can all enjoy Shabbat together, in relationship with each other!

We look forward to having a full Shabbat experience all together as one large community.

Please email Rabbi Schatz with any questions.

Rabbi Rebecca Schatz
Assistant Rabbi and Education Director

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