Peninsula Sinai Congregation is a welcoming and inclusive community. Our mission is to be a derech, a pathway for making Judaism and Jewish identity a more meaningful and spiritually fulfilling part of people’s lives. We are a vibrant congregation, affiliated with United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, where our members are an integral part of our community. Our membership is demographically spread out across all ages, professions, and backgrounds. Everyone is welcome to participate in our services and to get involved with our many community activities.

Joining PSC has many benefits

  • The PSC community is very welcoming, supportive and close knit. It is a village where we all celebrate and share in lifecycle events for our member families.
  • Our members take an active role in both teaching and learning about Judaism. Some like to read from the Torah or give sermons. Kesher: The Greenberg Religious School offers an extensive curriculum for young members while adults can find several opportunities to attend Torah study or Hebrew language classes.
  • PSC Services feature an egalitarian, participatory service, blending traditional prayers with thought-provoking speakers and discussions, providing an inspiration for prayer and thought. Services occur regularly, with Thursday morning, Friday evening and Shabbat morning services being followed by a Kiddush meal where members can relax and mingle. Youth and tot services are held on Shabbat mornings, providing an opportunity for kids to have fun while learning about the prayers, holidays, and weekly Torah portion.
  • PSC has an active membership, that helps organize our events and looks for ways to improve ourselves and our community. Any member can volunteer to be on a committee, and it’s a wonderful opportunity for a member to get involved in our community.
  • Finally, PSC organizes events and programs which are fun and interesting. Concerts, lectures, parties, and community service projects all contribute to the closeness of our community.

Inquiries regarding membership can be made by filling out our online information request form, by emailing [email protected] or by calling our office. We look forward to having you visit and learn about our wonderful community!