April 2023 Fund-a-PSC-Need! 

We’re asking all congregants to contribute to a specific PSC building need – absolutely any amount will help improve our Shul. If you’re unable to contribute and fund an entire project, consider partnering with other congregants to fund a full project, or give what you can. PSC will do our best to apply pledges to the projects they are directed to, but if funding falls short, and with your permission, we will re-direct contributions to fully fund a different need.

Parsonage Prep, Painting, Plants, and Pergola

Our new Rabbi’s home is suffering from leaks in the roof and walls; the structure may even need complete re-roofing. The property also requires new and more attractive plants and landscaping so that she – and her family – feel that the house is truly a home. (estimated $15,000 – $20,000) Thanks to David and Rebecca Rodnitzky and an Anonymous Anchor Donor, this item is partially funded!

Keep It Cool, Doron!

The Shul urgently needs a solution to the outdated HVAC system in the office area spaces – especially in Doron’s office. Last year the heat was more-than-uncomfortable. We’ll need the new high-efficiency HVAC by this summer, or else Doron, Rabbi and staff will be fuming! (estimated $10,000 – $20,000) Thank you Anchor Donors, Rodney and Anne Pearlman!

Leave a Good First Impression

Our office space is becoming drab, and less-than-conducive to work for Cat and our office staff. The upgrade entails upgrades to carpeting, paint, and lighting. Give our office staff a better space, and leave a better first impression for visitors! (estimated $10,000 – $25,000) Thank you Anchor Donors, Jessica and Aaron Rosenbaum, and an Anonymous Anchor Donor! This item is partially funded!

On The Third Day….

It’s been years since new planting and landscaping has been done around PSC…. plus we need to pursue more environmentally friendly, drought-resistant shrubs to keep water bills low. All to make PSC feel more inviting, more natural, and more like our haimish home. (estimated $8,000) Thanks to an Anonymous Anchor Donor, this item is partially funded! 

Get Into Some Hot Water

The shul’s creaky hot water heater is ~ 20 years old and needs replacement with a more efficient, reliable, eco-friendly one such as a heat pump – which will also directly reduce the Shul’s carbon footprint! (estimated $7,500) Thanks to two Anonymous Anchor Donors, this item is partially funded!

Chill the Gefil (te Fish)

Fund the new kitchen freezer purchased in the last month (to replace the old freezer that stopped working). Plus, fund a new refrigerator to help with prepping kiddush luncheons in advance. Keep that Gefilte Fish cold. ($5,000) Thanks to two Anomymous Donors, this item is fully funded!

He Shed, She Shed

Purchase a new storage shed near the parking lot for extra furniture and outdoor equipment (following the security grant updates). Also we need to refurbish the barbecue pit area to remove safety hazards and make it usable and enjoyable! ($5,000) Thanks to an Anonymous Anchor Donor, this item is fully funded!

Table The Motion!

With our Beit-Midrash being upgraded, we require new, more “furniture-like” tables – to be used for our kids and students during lessons, for board/committee meetings, and adult education. Think of this as a stable foundation for our education. ($3,500) Fully Funded by Anonymous Donor!


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