Lifecycle Events

For all lifecycle events, our clergy and support staff are here to guide you through every phase and help out as we can. Feel free to call us at any time!


We welcome babies into our community with an appropriate ceremony tailored to each family. Let us know when you are expecting and we will help you find a mohel (ritual circumcisor) and/or plan a brit milah (for boys) or a baby naming (for girls). Contact the office to get personal advice.

B’nei Mitzvah:

Our B’nei Mitzvah students complete a fun, rigorous and meaningful course of study. 12 year-old students spend most of the year leading up to this special day studying with our clergy through Kesher and one-on-one for Trope, T’fillah and Torah learning and skills. In addition, we offer family education to make this a smooth process for both parents and children. Please contact Cantor Doron Shapira for more information!

A Guide for Your B. Mitzvah


Now that you have found your b’sherit, we look forward to helping you create a simcha of your dreams. We look forward to helping you in finding both meaning and joy as you start your lives together. This might mean assistance with an aufruf (special blessing prior to your wedding), a mikveh, and/or the chuppah (wedding canopy) itself! Our clergy is happy to officiate at your wedding either alone or with other clergy. Contact the office to get this process going or simply for more information.


We regret the loss of loved ones, but can help you find comfort and meaning during a time of loss. From shiva to memorial, we can help you find a burial plot, say Mourner’s Kaddish, and remember your loved one in a way that is meaningful to you and your family. Should you find yourself in need of assistance during this challenging time, please contact Cantor Shapira at any time.

Follow this link to order a Yahrzeit Memorial Plaque.