Physical Distancing and Social Connecting


A Message from Rabbi Helfand:
As we continue to navigate these uncertain times, moments of anxiety and isolation, I’m reminded of the need to extend our circle of obligation to include those within and beyond our community. I’m deeply proud of the ways that members of PSC have stepped up and reached out to one another. It has been such a ray of light seeing people come together for prayer, study, and action, for Torah, Avodah and Gemilut Hasadim. I’m grateful to the countless volunteers, our shul leadership and professional staff who have risen to the occasion to help keep people spiritually connected in moments of physical distance. What a beautiful example of the Jewish principle of Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh LaZeh–a shared sense of accountability to one another. As we move through this time, here are some ways that we can continue to support our community at home and beyond, to show up and see each other in moments where it is most needed.


Our community’s connection is strong, even if it is not a physical one. We can talk to each other, we can study together, we can pray together, and we can support each other. Our newly formed Hesed team is managing behind-the-scenes to keep us connected to each other. Thank you to the over thirty and counting of you who have reached out to offer to make calls, help with tech support, do groceries for the vulnerable in our community, and more.

There are several ways to offer and get help during this time. If you are interested in helping or connecting with community members through calls, online games, technology help, and more, or if you need these things, please select the “Make Connections” button below. If you can either help run errands or need help with errands, please select the “Errand Help” button below. We may not put you to work immediately, but this appears to be a long haul, so we are collecting all the information about who can help and how and will make connections as our community’s needs evolve.

Help our medical community

A number of our members who work in health care have put out requests for donations of personal protective equipment so that they can continue to help others while staying safe themselves. Please see the below information for the various ways to donate if you have access to appropriate medical supplies (protective masks, gowns, goggles, gear). If you have questions about what equipment qualifies for donations, please contact Irene Moff at [email protected].

Circles of obligation

As we support each other, let’s continue to think about all of the vulnerable in our broader community. If you are able to help, please consider a donation to the below organizations who are all working hard to support our communities during these challenging times.

In addition to helping with calls and errands, please email [email protected] if you are able to help with writing notes to seniors, virtually hosting someone for Passover, with technology and beyond. And remember, you can also reach Rabbi Helfand at 650-701-7720 or Cantor Doron at 650-235-5022.

Ways to Help


Join our effort to make connections across the distance (including calling, playing online games, offering tech support, or more).

Offer help with drop and go groceries or errands (For your own health and the health of others, please only sign up if you are not in a high risk group and use careful hygiene practices while grocery shopping and making deliveries).

Request help with groceries or errands.

Other organizations you can help during the shelter in place: